3 Things to Consider When Branding Your Small Businesses in the DMV

Website design and branding can help your Washington, D.C. based business stand out – here’s how.

Having a cherry blossom on your business’s logo is about as original as putting Old Bay seasoning on, well, anything! Don’t get us wrong, we love Old Bay. But sometimes you want something a little different. Here are four things things to consider when developing your Washington D.C. based business’s branding and identity.

1. Ditch the tourist attractions in your website and marketing materials.

Unless your business primarily serves D.C.’s tourist crowds it’s time to start looking to other landmarks across the city to make the local connection with your customers. A favorite design style of ours is the bold lines and bright colors found in many of D.C.’s popular murals. Incorporating hyper-local design aesthetics into your business’s brand will create a deeper connection with your customer.

Incorporating local attractions into your business's web design and branding can help you stand out from the crowd.
D.C.’s Watermelon House is a popular attraction on social media.

There are many local inspirations to look to when branding your D.C. business. For example, “the beltway” or “the red line” immediately bring up thoughts of the city for most locals. Which brings us to our second point.

2. Find new ways to make your business’s name local.

There are over 10 billion businesses in the D.C. – Maryland – Virginia area with the words “capitol” or “congressional” in their names. Ok, maybe we made that number up. But it feels like it, doesn’t it? Look to new sources of inspiration when choosing a name for your business, such as D.C.’s historic Meridian Hill park or the iconic Broccoli City festival. The best way to draw inspiration is to immerse yourself with the people and the place you wish to do business.

3. Learn about your community.

This is for the newcomers out there. D.C. has a deep, rich history that should be celebrated and elevated even as new people and new businesses move in. Make it a priority to do your part to preserve the things that makes D.C.’s neighborhoods unique. You can start your research by checking in with your local neighborhood association, like D.C.’s H Street, to get the low-down on your neighborhoods unique story.

Now that you have done the work of creating a brand identity for your business, let us turn your vision into a full set of digital marketing materials from a perfectly designed website to social media templates and more!

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